Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lee Battersby signs two-book deal

PERTH author Lee Battersby has signed a two-book deal with Angry Robot.

The publisher has picked up his fantasy novel The Corpse-Rat King, as well as its sequel as part of its open door submission month.

The Corpse Rat-King will be published next year, with the sequel to hit shelves in 2013.

It will be Battersby’s first published novel.

An Angry Robot synopsis of the project is as follows:

In the highly imaginative The Corpse-Rat King, readers are introduced to Marius Helles as he plunders the bodies of the dead after a major battle – a crime punishable by death. The dead tell Marius that they need a King – the King is God’s representative, and they need someone to speak to God and remind him where they are. He doesn’t actually want the job, but when the alternative is to deny a legion of angry corpses, it’s that or find a suitable compromise – and quickly: the dead aren’t known for their patience.

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